apk editor pro for Android (Edit/Hack Apps for Free)

APK Editor Pro Latest Version 2022 is a potent tool that allows users to edit/hack apk files to perform a variety of amusing tasks. You can use it to perform tasks like string localization, background picture substitution, layout re-architecting, ad removal, permission removal, and more. However, you need a few expert abilities to use it effectively.


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App About

The greatest Android application editing tool you can download for your smartphone is APK Editor Pro. The program allows you to edit, alter, and, of course, save any app’s source code. This fantastic APK Editor allows you to alter a game’s original game file and alter the value of its resources.

One of the greatest and most potent tools for editing, modifying, or hacking APK files of an application is called APK Editor Pro. You can change an app’s APK file to change the resource value of a game, your score in a game, or other things. There is a unique data-based program included in the app now.

With Android versions greater than version 5.0, this will now operate more quickly. In the earlier versions, some string problems were noticed. These string problems have been resolved by developing a new XML serializer. In settings, there have been some issues with the duplicate option. 

App Features

1)…Rooted/ Non-Rooted Access

2)…Most Advanced

3)…Easy to use

 4)…Alteration of titles

5)…Remove APK permissions

6)…Additional Capabilities

7)…Support Function

8)…Auto-run Manage

9)…Two-Sided Editing

10)…Availability of Application

Rooted / Non-Rooted Access

APK Editor x Pro is the best program because it can be used on devices that aren’t rooted and are also available to rooted users who want to hack the app data of games and apps. If you have root access, you can always use the program to its full potential.

Most Advanced

APK Editor Pro Apk is the most advanced editor. a tool for modifying APKs on Android mobile devices. Using the built-in editor, you can use it to apply fixes by adding more, editing materials, translations, icons, and Somali files, among other things.

Easy to Use

Thanks to the incredible Apk Editor plus program from the Steelworks Studio, which you can obtain on your Android mobile device, you can rapidly change the installation files and Android games without having any specialist technological expertise.

Alteration of titles

With the help of this fantastic tool, you can quickly alter the titles of apps and games, remove adverts from apps, and replace the program background with a custom image. If you’re a novice user, you can alter the Apk file without knowing anything about coding.

Remove APK Permissions

This editing tool can be used to remove APK permissions, hack game resources, redesign layouts, or change background pictures. APK Editor Pro may be used to edit and modify APK files in a variety of ways. To utilize the software’s full capability, you will still need to have some competent technical experience.

Additional Capabilities

APK Editor Pro is a robust editing program. App data editing, minor code editing, free patch capabilities, language customization, and design rebuilding are at the top of the list.

Support Function

APK Editor Pro is also designed to allow app rebranding, speed enhancement, and string localization in conjunction with app limitation elimination.

Auto-run Manage

The software also includes the Autorun Manage function, which aids in controlling unneeded auto-starting applications on your device. Manifest editing is integrated with APK Editor Pro. By doing so, you can access and modify the file that stores the metadata for numerous supplementary files.

Two-Sided Editing

With the Simple Edit and Full Edit features, APK Editor Pro enables editing functionality in two different ways. An APK file on your device can be partially modified using the Simple Edit format. This also applies to an APK file’s subfile being customized. In general, Simple Edit is simple and uncomplicated.

Availability of Application

With an Android smartphone running an OS version 3.1 or higher, you can use APK Editor Pro. APK Editor Pro users may typically edit files with little to no special setup. If you have emulators, you can obtain and set up the editing app on your computer, tablet, or cellphone.


What are the functions of APK Editor Pro?

This Android app called APK Editor Pro utility enables you to modify any APK that has been saved to your device, as the name suggests. And if you don’t already have the APK, you can detach it from any downloaded app. You have a choice of two styles of editing with this.

Is the APK Editor Pro available for free?

APK Editor Pro is a free application for portable devices created by SteelWorks.

Which Android APK Editor is excellent for users?

One of the best Android app/apk editing tools you can download for your Android device is APK Editor Pro. It is a robust program that can edit/hack apk files to perform a variety of interesting tasks.


Without a doubt, installing the APK Editor Pro on your device will make it a fantastic Android tool. You may download the tool for free, and it provides you the ability to alter any APK file or essential data from an app. If you want to hack or change an Android game’s data, which is typically the material’s value, you can do it in about a minute.