How to play Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia | Beginner’s guide

The well-liked Android game Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia allows you to host up to six online players or twelve local gamers over a subnet. The environment is made to be difficult to enhance your experience, and you have a variety of firearms and weaponry at your disposal to beat your adversary.

Everyone who likes military, fighting, and action games will get along well with the Mini Militia game. Initially played by youths, this game later gained popularity among adults. In actuality, it is the most well-liked game among college students and working adults. So, let’s dive into the article to understand how to play mini militia like a pro.

How to play Mini Militia doodle army 2


Before being acquired by Miniclip, Appsomniacs LLC created this fantastic game and made it freely accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. They also published, made, and distributed Doodle Army Boot Camp in addition to Doodle Army.

NameDoodle Army 2 – Mini Militia
Size43 MB
Android version requirements3.0 or later
iOS version requirements9.0 or later
Playing ModeOnline, Offline, Multiplayer
Downloads100 Million Plus
Play store rating4.2

Mini Militia Game Forms for playing:

Solo Play

Solo Play offers the options of Training and Survival. Before attempting Quick Play or Multiplayer, you might get some practice here.



  • You will become accustomed to all the basic controls at this point. 
  • You will receive training in using weaponry from Coach Sarge.


You will discover how to survive combat and interact with your foes after the training session. You’ll receive help from Coach Sarge with your workouts. You can access Quick Play and Multiplayer whenever you’re prepared.

Quick Play

  • Your computer should be online.
  • Select a server
  • Each individual must click “Ready.”
  • Choose a map.
  • Select Your League (Optional)
  • Countdown Commences
  • Play
  • Remove as many opponents as you can to achieve victory.
  • The final tally and kill count will be shown after the process has been completed.


To play the game in multiplayer mode, adhere to the instructions below.

  • Construct a WiFi hotspot
  • Help your pals link their devices to it by doing it for them.
  • Start using the Mini Militia app.
  • Choose Multiplayer.
  • Select LAN WIFI
  • The Death Match option.
  • The server option must be chosen.
  • Pick your preferred map or location.
  • Await your friends’ entry into the game.
  • Once all are prepared, the game will begin.

How to Play Mini Militia:

  • The avatar is dumped into the fighting arena at the start of the game along with a primary and secondary weapon and a few explosives.
  • The game lasts about six minutes and thirty seconds. You must be able to remove as many adversaries as you can in this brief period.
  • Because the controls are straightforward, using them won’t be challenging.
  • Toggle between the weaponry by tapping on them in the top right corner of the screen. Refill them by pressing on the ammo icon next to them.
  • The zooming range of the particular weapon is shown in the top right corner of the screen; it is broad for rifles and narrow for pistols. The life meter and the rocket meter are likewise located here.
  • The center bar in the upper-left corner shows remaining health (pink color) and flying prowess (blue color).
  • The circle button on the bottom left of the screen lets you control how the avatar moves.
  • Then there is the grenade icon, which is joined by the fist icon to engage in close combat, and a further circular button on the bottom right side to enable aim and fire.
  • The inner circle must then be rotated within the outer circle to use the shoot button.

Best Controls and settings used by pro players

YouTube video

Techniques for newcomers:

It will be challenging for you to win this game if you are new to playing and have only actually begun. In battle, there are countless times when you’re on the point of passing away. Throw a bomb towards your adversary or toward both of you in these conditions. 

This is a clever trick that ignores the times when you die alone because it will either eliminate the opponent or kill both of you. Typically, these operations are alluded to as suicide attacks.  Always remember that suicide is a preferable choice if one’s health is poor.

Employ a gas bomb:

You don’t need to have a lot of gaming skills for this technique. All you have to do is watch for the ideal moment to direct a gas bomb at the hatch area. Any other players who come to the same place will be eliminated. If there are enough gas bombs, this can be done again.


It is better to crouch when an adversary shoots a bomb at you rather than sit, which harms the player’s health. It also reduces the body’s surface area, making it less likely to be damaged by these munitions. 

By reducing the area that opponents have to shoot at you, crouching down also makes it possible for you to carry out a more successful counteroffensive.

Never hack into anything:

Hackers are persons who acquire a game’s limitless and god-like powers through third-party tools, and they may be found in practically every game.

If you interact with them, you run the risk of feeling down and out. This is because these hackers have limitless strength and are incredibly challenging to get rid of. Best to stay away from them.

Use Powerful Weapon Combos:

A good arsenal will help you defeat your adversaries and improve your chances of a straightforward victory. You can test out various gun combinations. A sniper and a shotgun make the best weapon combo because of their huge impact. Another nice pairing is a rifle and a sniper.

Hold Yourself Secret:

It is essential to play cautiously if you are a novice and find yourself in a game with experienced players. This can be accomplished by staying hidden in the trees and striking as soon as they get close. Additionally, a very stealthy tactic is to bury sensor bombs under shrubs. 

You can sneak fire and access some congested areas by crouching. Reload into the bushes while no one is nearby.

Employ Shields:

The only type of armor that is accessible in this game is a shield. Both a shield and a gun are permitted. Having something that can protect you from being killed by others is typically a good idea. You are shielded from your adversaries’ gunfire by the shield. But be aware that your adversaries can hurt you from behind. Shield and Revolver together provide for a strong defensive combination.


How do you play better in Mini Militia?

Follow the above guides and do not try to be so fast always wait for the opponent and attack at the right time.

Who is the No 1 player in Mini Militia?

The guy who is on the top name is Gameatron according to leaderboard positioning he is the number 1 player of mini militia from all over the world.

How do you play Mini Militia with friends offline?

You have to connect your devices to the same network i.e make a hotspot if your mobile support it and connect all mobile through that network so now you will be able to play with friends without any data package or internet usage.

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