Mini Militia Cheats + Chat Codes & Short Commands 2022

We are well known for Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 Apk. But, there are many game mods, or we can say that there are many game codes that some people do not understand while playing. I am sharing this article to give interesting information about the Mini Militia chat codes and cheats.

You can easily use these codes to make your game more unique and enjoyable. Before sharing the vital information about regulations, let’s look at the game features and gameplay roughly! So, the Mini Militia Cheat Codes version is the addictive game that every shooter game lover wants to play in their leisure time. More specifically, it is designed for Android and iOS users.


Furthermore, this APK gives us a great chance to play with exciting codes, and there are also chat rooms to share the game details. If you also want to use these android cheats, stay with us and explore the fantastic game secrets. After reading this article, you will be capable of using the code commands while playing the game. Also, get the answer to How to enter cheat codes in Mini Militia? Or if you do not want to enter cheat codes manually download apk from the button below.

Mini Militia Cheats for Developer Preview

In this section, you will read the cheats. Note that these codes will work only with developer preview.

Cheat NameCheat AbbreviationCheat Code
Auto Shield AS197io12HTV
Melee AttackMARDiO27474
Extra BulletsEBRLi97Typ4
Weapon UpgradeWUMN45789

Mini Militia Commands And Chat Codes:

Above all, the following are the command codes of the Mini Militia Cheat app. The player can use these to communicate with their friends in the game.

Mini Militia Short Commands/Code:

Apart from this, you can use this feature to chat with your opponents or give signals. Remember, these codes are also termed as Mini Militia Short Commands.

Short Code NameShort Command
Good GameGG
Nice ShotNS
 Cover MeCM
Let’s go, yeah!LG
Bring ItBI
Hoo yaHH
Oh! They got me!GM
Ready UpRU
Move OutMO
Get SomeGS
Come on, boyCB
A perfect fighting machine, Hooo Yayyy!HH

Cheat Codes of Mini Militia Apk

Moreover, the Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia is the leading game among survival game lovers. So, everyone wants to learn about the game and cheats of this app. Now, it’s time to study the chat codes of the cheats app.

Chat CodeChat Code Name
DukeChat code of Captain of the Army
Tootsie PopChat code of No Reloading
Gummy BearChat code of 7,000 Battle Points

Unique Game Items To Win The Match

I hope you have got much information about Doodle Army 2. Buy them from the app store. Move next for further details! After this, many war items are available at the store. 

  • Rifle Clip Extender
  • Faster Reload 1 & 2
  • Handgun Clip Extender
  • Health & Boost Regen
  • Melee + 10 & Grenade +1
  • Gas Grenade +1
  • Golden Eagle

Mini Militia Free Weapon

Type the highlighted code [su_highlight background=”#99b5ff”]uploadstandardweaponsweaponsqwr?//![/su_highlight] in the Mini Militia Chat room and get the following rewards:

  • AK 47
  • Bazooka
  • MI6
  • Grenades
  • Caliber
  • Sniper

Mini Militia Modded Versions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Why is Mini Militia the top game?

Because of its two-dimensional graphics and versatile game modes, it is the best shooter app. More importantly, it is a fair game that runs on any device.

What are the prominent features of Mini Militia cheats?

Unlimited Ammo
cheat codes
Chat or shortcodes
Significant weapons

Is Mini militia a good game?

Yes! This game is very popular among gamers because of its simple interface people love to play that game in their leisure time.


Mini Militia is the demanded game with 10,000,000+ active users. You can download this app on your cheap and expensive Android devices. Indeed, this article will help you become the most influential player of the Mini Militia series quickly. Then, what are you waiting for? Go and get the app without spending a single coin.