Mini Militia Crazy Mod APK v4.2.8 for Android 2022

Welcome to the craziest mod of mini militia as seen by the name it has some insane features which make you laugh during gameplay. So, that is the reason why we call it mini militia crazy mod. Let’s take a look at its features and you will understand why I am saying this.

Mini Militia Crazy Mod

Let’s dive into the features of mini militia crazy mod

  • Health Pack Bomb: This is a fake or proxy bomb in the shape of a health pack so when you throw it looks like you are throwing a medical kit. Now you can imagine enemies trying to catch it to improve their lifeline and it explores “Booh” 😀
  • Firing Machete: You can spray the machete from the saw gun.
  • Minigun Rocket launcher: Now you can fire missiles and throw your mini guns imagine it again a big blast “Daaaah”!:D
  • EMP Gun: You will get an emp gun in this mod to explode your game rivals at once through lasers.
  • Head effect
  • Magic Punch: Throw a punch on your enemy’s face from a long distance now this is distinguished.
  • Unlimited Ammo: Now you can fire the bullets as much as you want and death spray is enabled weapons along with RG6 magic bomb sheller. Only M16 is not enabled for the death sprayer.
  • Awesome Graphics: the graphics are also very cool with some extra visual effects that you can feel when you play the game.
  • Background Music: Some new sounds are also available this time in this mod to make you feel more comfortable.

Some Useful Tools to Bear the Craziness

  • No Reload
  • 1.2x Player Speed
  • 5-star rank
  • No ads
  • Hidden Weapon
  • Store Unlocked

What’s New in Crazy Mod of Mini Militia

In this game, you will get some new avatars, guns, and maps.

Gameplay Video

YouTube video