Mini Militia Fly Through Walls / Ghost Mod 2022

App NameMini Militia Wall Hack
Size43.79 MB
Mod FeaturesFly through wall
GenreAction – Shooter Game
DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
UpdatedSeptember 09, 2022
Android Version Requirement4.4 and up

Fly through walls and enjoy unlimited guns, ammo, and invisibility with this latest mini militia wallhack, download now it will make your day.

Introduction of Mini Militia Wall HACK:

We have developed a new enormous game mod of mini militia fly-through walls MOD which you will love to play.

So, download the mini militia wall which is also known as the flying through the wall mod. And dive into the multiplayer battle with your family. If you want to know the features and tips of this game stay tuned and read the complete article.

At first, this mod has all features similar to previous mods like unlimited ammo, unlimited speed, unlimited nitro, unlimited guns, and all things unlocked. The difference between all other mods and this mod is that in this you can cross through the walls like a non-solid object.

Wall mod will help you to shock your friends and family team members because this is very astonishing. Let’s suppose they are hiding in a bush on a mountain or on the upper wall but you have the ability to cross the walls. And bushes are transparent to you, this is the best prank for your friend who loves to play mini militia games.

Mini Militia Wall Hack Screenshot

Mini Militia Flying Through Wall Hack Gameplay:

There is no chance for the enemy to hide from you and you can easily find and beat your players and get 1st position on the leaderboard. This monumental mod is very useful in increasing ranks because in the wallhack when you are in danger you can hide within walls and no one is able to shoot you.

Your gun has the ability to fire across the walls so this feature is not a restriction but a gift from the developer. So, what are you waiting for download the mini militia flying through walls now in your ios and android devices, and let’s start playing.

Note that do not update the app because it will update the game from the official play store source of the Mini Militia – Doddle Army 2 and after that, you are not able to play this amazing game with your friends.

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Features of Mini Militia Wall Flying Through Walls:

There are many features of the mini militia game and some astonishing features are given below which will give you a complete overview of this mod.

Double Guns:

The double gun feature of this game helps you to fire bullets with your both hands to reduce the health of the enemy in a fast way this double gun is very useful and helps you in your difficult ways.

Unlimited Bombs:

We have also added unlimited bombs in this apk so demonizing your game enemies becomes easy for you.

Fly Through Walls:

The main feature of this mod comes now, with this feature you are able to fly through the walls like a ghost. You can enter into any wall and pass the hurdles or bushes without entering any cheat code. You are also able to fire through your guns and your bullets can pass the walls and hit your enemies.

Mini Militia Fly Through Walls

Gravity independent:

Gravity independence is the feature by which you are able to fly without any nitro jetpack. This is very helpful in this game because there are many types of maps, sometimes you have to play within jungles and sometimes in a destroyed building. With this feature, you can stay in space and move up and down without any extra thing.

Transparent Bushes:

In jungles, the most dangerous thing is hidden enemies and the space where they hide are bushes. And you know that bushes are everywhere on the Mini militia jungle map so it is very difficult to travel from one place to another and protect yourself. 

But now we have solved your problem with this all bushes are transparent for you. Now you can see what is behind them and can travel on the map with confidence to find your hidden enemies and kill them to win the game.

Dual bullet shoots:

Every time you will click the fire button your gun will fire two bullets simultaneously on that single click. This is helpful when your enemy appears against you incidentally so these dual bullets will help you and give you an edge against your enemy.

How to mod Mini Militia Game:

This is a technical process and not possible to make mod without proper knowledge of android programming. You need access to file to add some extra code in the officially designed file.

This file consists of data about dynamic in-app features like health, ammo, nitro, etc. You have to add some extra code that will enable you to make your own mod of the Mini militia game.


After installing that mod into my android phone I have played the game about 100 times in a single day. No doubt,  this is a very addictive shooting game but this wallhack has increased my vulnerability regarding my love for the mini militia.

So, according to my conclusion if you are still reading this article this wallhack also needs your attention, Download it now by clicking the below button and start playing.