Mini Militia God Mod Apk Unlimited Everything and Sniper Rain Latest Version


Download Mini Militia Ultimate Mega God Mod is a mod in which you are God of the game and nobody can harm you. You have unlimited everything to finish all your enemies.

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App NameMini Militia God Mod Apk
Size43.79 MB
Mod FeaturesGod Mod
GenreShooter Game
PlatformsPlay Store | App Store
DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
Publisher Miniclip
UpdatedYesterday(11:45 PM)
Installs on Play Store3M+
Android Version4.4 and up

Mini Militia God Mod is an online action game for android mobile. Mini Militia is a 2D multiplayer shooter with millions of downloads. In this article, you can find out how to download and use this amazing Mod Apk.

In this Mini Militia with bots, you can use a cheat code to play as a real god who has infinite health and ammunition. You do not need to enter any codes because by default all players are gods in the mod variant used here. To become a god, simply start the game and wait until your player becomes a god – it is very easy!

Mini Militia God Mod Apk Description:

In the game, two teams fight against each other and the first who has 30 points wins the round. The player with the highest score at the end of 15 rounds will win the match. This means that it is about more than one victory until a defeat, but a defeat means that a person had to start from scratch again.

At both, the beginning and end of each round, weapons appear randomly on the map for which ammunition must be found somewhere on the map within crates or boxes containing them. Spinners are used to switch between available weapons, but automatic spinning does not work in this mod variant.

For better controls, you should use an external gamepad because there is no support for touchscreen input.


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Features Of God Mod Apk


Ability to use any weapon:

If you find a weapon in Mini Militia, then God Mod is exactly what you need. In the original version of the game, weapons are spinning randomly and on average players get another weapon with each kill. But if there is no ammunition on the map, it’s useless to use it for more than one round.

Unlimited ammunition:

You do not have to worry about ammunition because it will never run out. In the original version of the game, you need to find or buy weapons and then use them with care, but in this mod variant with bots, you always have unlimited ammunition!

Automatic Weapon Spin:

In addition, this download mini militia god mod has been equipped with an automatic weapon spin option. By default, it is turned off so enable it in the input settings before starting a match and the guns will spin automatically every time you press or hold down your fire button (L or L2).

One-Shot Kill Enabled:

This mini militia god version has been equipped with one-shot kill enabled so there is no chance that the enemy will survive – shooting them in the head or heart will always result in death, regardless of their armor and/or helmet protection.

Fast Switch:

Furthermore, the fast switch option allows you to set your preferred weapon to the “Q” key, and then it can be automatically switched just by pressing this key without releasing any other buttons or having to run around looking for new weapons on the map! This also applies when switching between those weapons placed at short range (the second slot).


This God Mod Apk has an auto-aim function enabled by default. With time, as you become more experienced, you will no longer need it as the crosshair will be shown where you should shoot at all times + your aim is always perfect. If for some reason this function does not work correctly (it requires a lot of practice and concentration), then simply turn it off in the input settings!

Explosive Bullets:

This download mini militia god mode has explosive bullets by default. This means that your bullet will explode at the moment of hitting an enemy and it can cause damage to anyone who gets close to you because of this exploding, provided there is a person nearby. To increase your chances of survival do not forget about a shotgun – a perfect weapon for short-range combat!


It also has the script option enabled by default so it will not be visible in the inventory list and you do not have to worry about it at all! It can’t get any simpler than this, right?

Hand-grenade on Boot [OFF]:

This is a very useful option for those who want to play without grenades because they’re afraid of losing (which is totally understandable). Simply choose “hand grenade” instead of “grenade” and enjoy your match. However, we strongly recommend that you try grenades even if you don’t like them – their usefulness cannot be overestimated!

This variant also has a “Pistol on Boot” option enabled by default – you don’t have to waste time in mini militia ultra god mod reaching the first-level weapons and buying them because they’re already available right from the start.

Smaller hitbox:

This mod allows other players to see your smaller hitbox as well as a blue aura which is the sign of a higher level. You can disable this option, however, it is highly recommended to leave it enabled because you will be able to survive more often!

Weapons in God Mod:

The following weapons have been selected after hours of playing with bots and analyzing statistics from each match:

Machine Gun:

A one-hand machine gun is a perfect weapon for beginners who just started playing the god mod mini militia. It shoots quickly and its bullets are not very fast, which means that you can shoot at your opponent or another player without being afraid that they will be able to dodge before your bullet reaches them.


the second weapon is a shotgun because it’s perfect for short-term close combat. This Mod Apk has all shotguns unlocked so you do not have to search for ammunition or deals on the market – everything is available right away!

Rocket Launcher / Grenade Launcher:

The grenade launcher with grenades travels faster than rockets but has less shell capacity (6 vs 10). If this does not bother you then use a Rocket Launcher instead of a Grenade Launcher!

Smoke Bomb / Flash Grenade:

Smoke Bombs or Grenades, in general, are very useful when attacked from different positions by multiple opponents. When using grenades, it’s best to throw them against walls so they don’t roll before exploding and killing someone close to you instead. These two items have been enabled in this Mini Militia God download, but only one of them can be used every 5 seconds.

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How To Download & Install Mini Militia God Mod Apk?

Make sure you have enabled the installation from unknown sources and permission from the settings.

  • Download the Mini Militia God Mod Apk from here or from official servers.
  • Install it as you install any other APK.
  • Enjoy! 😀

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. I installed the game but it doesn’t work.

A. Try to uninstall the previous version of Mini Militia, reboot your device and install this apk again!

Q. I can’t open the game, it crashes or freezes in the beginning! Does this work at all?

A. The game is poorly optimized, so if you have problems with freezing, try to turn off HD graphics in the settings and go to Compatibility mode (set it on “Android 2.3”). Then just enable HD graphics back again when needed.

Q. Is it safe? Will I get banned?

A. Yes, all mods are undetectable so you will not get banned for using them.

Q. I keep getting errors no matter what I should do?

A. If you’re using a non-rooted phone please download the rooted version of the mod here, otherwise please leave a comment below with your Android OS version and the name of the phone model.


This article ends here! We hope that after reading our Mini Militia Ultimate God Mod article you found answers to all your questions regarding this amazing application! However, if you still cannot find an answer to the question that troubles you, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments below this post!