Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia Ranks List, XP With Badge Images 2022

Mini militia ranks list

Get the latest info about your favorite game Doodle Army 2 -Mini Militia Ranks and decide your game journey and badge for your uniform during the fight.

Name Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia
DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
Original SourcePlay Store
No.of Achievements/Ranks21
Total XP62000 points

doodle army 2 – mini militia all ranks and Badge Symbol Images



500 XP

Rank no 1

Private First Class

500 XP

Rank no 2


500 XP

Rank no 3


500 XP

Rank no 4

Staff Sergeant

500 XP

Rank no 5

Sergeant First Class

500 XP

Rank no 6

Master Sergeant

500 XP

Rank no 7

First Sergeant

1000 XP

Rank no 8

Sergeant Major

1000 XP

Rank no 9

2nd Lieutenant

1500 XP

Rank no 10

1st Lieutenant

1500 XP

Rank no 11


2500 XP

Rank no 12


2500 XP

Rank no 13

Lieutenant Colonel

3000 XP

Rank no 14


3000 XP

Rank no 15

Brigadier General

4000 XP

Rank no 16

Major General

5000 XP

Rank no 17

Lieutenant General

6000 XP

Rank no 18


7500 XP

Rank no 19

General of the Army

10000 XP

Rank no 20

Commander in Chief

10000 XP

Rank no 21


What is the mini militia’s highest rank?

The highest rank is its 21st rank which is commander in chief with 10000 XP points.

How to increase rank in the mini militia?

This is not a one-day game to increase your rank, you have to play unlimited matches and win again and again to reach a higher rank. There are total of 21 ranks in the mini militia and this is not easy to reach the top.

What is XP in the mini militia?

XP is a symbol or reward for your rank value in numbers which will be used to take an idea about the player on the leaderboard.

What are the benefits of Mini Milita Ranks?

You will get some cash rewards, gun rewards, and some benefits in in-app purchases.

Mini Militia Exp

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