Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

This Multiplayer 2D doodle game is full of adventure and difficult rivals but no worries because you have my strategies to kill your enemies and win every match of the game. Come on! Let’s dive into the Mini Militia Tips and Tricks to kill your enemies even in a faster way.


Top Mini Militia Tricks to Kill Enemies

  • Throw a grenade toward your enemy’s shelter and attack him with an assault rifle or shotgun as quickly as possible so you can kill your enemy without giving him a chance to understand the situation.
  • Try to hide in a cover when your enemy is using a sniper to save yourself from being shoot.
  • Move forward after making sure that there is no sneak peek.
  • Always try to remember the spawn locations of guns in each of the 20 different maps to get a powerful weapon.
  • Crouch more while playing the match to get minimal damage during an attack as compared to standing position.
  • Increase your agility by using the melee button to make a surprise attack on your enemy and take him out of the game.
  • Do not frequently use ammo to save yourself from the unexpected reload when you are in a battle.
  • Remember the Health kit location so you can use it when needed.
  • Keep an eye on red arrow signs, these signs tell us the location of the enemy.
  • You need extensive knowledge about weapons to use them precisely against your enemies.

Tips to Win Every Mini Militia Match

  • Use Melee and Fire at once to kill enemies during a close fight.
  • Overpower your enemies by using the melee and fly feature.
  • Defuse Proxy Mines
  • Open a blocked area that is blocked due to a dead doodle in this way.

Some Useful Tricks to Be the last one standing

Shotgun vs Uzi:

Always try to acquire the more powerful weapon when you are going to the fight because if you have UZI and your opponent has a shotgun then you must die. So, Always try to use a powerful weapon.


Sniper and Bazooka

With a sniper, you can hit the enemy at a longer range. The sniper un the game has 7x Scope

Bazooka is a destructive weapon that can destroy a massive area around its range. and the other benefit of using it is its 6x scope and long fire range.


Lock in Walls:

You can cross the lines and can hide under the road and wait to gain your health or energy back.



Guard is like a bulletproof jacket or shield when you are wearing a guard no bullet can harm you so always wear a guard when playing the game.

Make traps with Proxy Mines: 

Now you can easily plant proxy mines using different equipment available. place these mines at the respawning or spawning spot so when your enemy passes through the way he will be blown up

Kil Yourself:

Suicide is also a part to win the match if you have more kills than other friends or game players.

Saw Gun: 

A saw gun is a very useful weapon for this game because you can hit the missile by only angel making. So, start killing enemies who are hidden.


What is the easiest way to win in the mini militia?

The main purpose of the game is to kill more than your enemies. Eliminate as many rivals as possible using the mod apk to get some benefits.

How do you get good at mini militia?

There is a very famous quote that practice makes a man perfect so you get good at the game through experience and follow my tips.

How do you beat mini militia multiplayer?

First thing is to make yourself safe and don’t rush without a proper strategy. Use good weapons and don’t stop firing when you are at war ground instead of reloading change your gun.

What does melee mean in the mini militia?

Melee is nothing but a fast movement that makes you move faster when the enemy is close to you so you can hit him hard.

Some words About Mini Militia Tricks

These are some simple and effective tips I am using and these are very helpful for me to maintain my leaderboard position. I will share more tips about how you can win the match without even killing stay tuned. Till that follow these tips and also share your ideas and tips with us. Thanks!!

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